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CaterGiant supplies a full range of commercial and industrial washing machines / washer extractors from Miele Professional, Whirlpool and Electrolux for inhouse laundry use in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, residential buildings, golf clubs, sports clubs, hair salons, care homes, gyms and other busy environments.

We also supply specialist lab testing washing machines, including the Electrolux Wascator FOM71 CLS, and is available for worldwide delivery.

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PW6055 Vario Little Giant Washing Machine

PW6055 Vario Little Giant Washing Machine

5.5kg capacity. For general purpose use

PW5064 Mopstar-60 Washing Machine

PW5064 Mopstar-60 Washing Machine

Suited to contract cleaning for mops and cloths. Dump Valve (Sluice) machine.

PW5062 Little Giant Washing Machine

PW5062 Little Giant Washing Machine

6.5kg capacity, 49-minute shortest cycle.

PW6065 Vario Little Giant Washing Machine

PW6065 Vario Little Giant Washing Machine

6.5kg capacity, Available in White or Stainless Steel with Drain Pump or Dump Valve (Sluice)

PW5105 Octoplus Vario Washing Machine

PW5105 Octoplus Vario Washing Machine

Blue casing. 10kg capacity. 16 standard programmes. Drain Pump or Dump Valve drainage.

Wascator FOM71 CLS

Wascator FOM71 CLS

Textile Test Equipment. Reference Washing Machine

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Our commercial machines range from low volume machines from 5.5kg upto 8kg capacity, mid-range machines between 8-10kg capacity, and heavy-duty / industrial machines from 11-32kg capacity. We offer both front and top loading machines.

Whether you need an entry-level washing machine with simple and economic operation, a general purpose machine for towels, clothes, linen and curtains, a specialist contractor washing machine for mops and cloths, washing machines for vets and hospitals with thermal disinfectant and anti-cross-contamination features, or heavy duty machines for continuous operation we have suitable machines for your requirements.

We can supply stand alone washing machines, stackable washing machines with vented tumble dryers (see our Dryers section), coin operated washing machines, barrier wash machines and rigid mount commercial washing machines.

Our most popular commercial and industrial washing machines are listed below. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can arrange site surveys, installation and commissioning by qualified engineers. Extended service contracts are also available.


Freestanding: for general low-medium volume use.
Rigid mount: fixed to solid concrete floor for heavy use and unbalanced loads.
Barrier: where avoidance of any cross-contamination between soiled and clean items is essential. These machines use a double door system.
Stackable: where space is limited or needs to be maximised, machines (washer / dryer) can be stacked.

If you are using the machine in a busy laundry where there will be frequent moisture in the air, then opt for a machine with stainless steel exteriors. This will help prevent rust and corrosion. Where the standard specification is not fully stainless steel housing, on most commercial / industrial washing machines a stainless steel cabinet can optionally be specified.

Most of our washer extractor machines can be purchased as button-operated or coin-operated.

For comparison, domestic washing machines usually have a 5-7kg capacity. The load capacity for your commercial or industrial washing machine will obviously depend on the frequency and volumes of items you are washing and the nature of the items - duvets, robes, curtains etc will require a higher capacity machine.

A higher capacity machine may be more cos efficient and reliable to operate, rather than purchasing a lower cost smaller capacity machine and subjecting it to over use.

Generally, two types of drainage system are available. Dump / Drain Valve is a gravity based system. Drain Pump is where the waste and water is pumped out of the machine and down the drain. Where you have items which are heavily soiled, always choose a sluice Dump Valve type machine. A plinth may be required for the gravity based systems.

Basic machines will use standard single phase 13A 3-pin UK plug. More powerful machines will use either Single Phase 30A or Three Phase 32A, and will require a qualified electrician for connection to a suitable electrical supply.

Where high water retention items (eg. towels, duvets, robes) are being washed, choose a machine with a high spin speed. This will reduce drying time, drying costs and reduce wear and tear on the clothing items. Look at both the spin speed and the "G factor".

If you are not frequently washing high water retention items, then a lower spin speed will result in less noisy operation.

We also supply specialist machines such as the Electrolux Wascator FOM 71 CLS Lab Washer Extractor.

Barrier Wash Machines:
Standard Side Loaders - Electrolux WS4650H (65 kg), WS4500H (50 kg) WS4350H (35 kg). WS4250H (25 kg)

Barrier Washer: WB4130H (14 kg)

Barrier Side Loaders: WSB4650H (65 kg). WSB4500H (50 kg), WSB4350H (35 kg), WSB4250H (25 kg)

Barrier Pullman Side Loader: WPB4700H (70 kg), WPB4900H (90 kg) WPB41100H (110 kg)

Please contact us for details and pricing on these specialist commercial washing machines.

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