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Commercial Microwave Ovens at low prices

We supply a range of commercial Microwave Ovens from Sharp, Panasonic, Sanyo, Merrychef, Amana, Maestrowave and Samsung.

Our microwaves are specially designed for use in cafes, take-aways, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels. This includes standard microwaves as well as combination microwave ovens for cooking, reheating and defrosting food, We offer light, medium and heavy-duty machines designed for safe, fast food preparation in busy kitchens and food counters. Our extra heavy duty microwave ovens are perfect for parties, events and functions where a large number of people need to be served hot food simultaneously.

Discounts are available for multiple microwaves. All our microwaves are supplied boxed, new with manufacturers warranty, UK power cable, Setup Instructions and Operating Guide. We deliver throughout the UK. Please note we only supply microwaves to businesses, not to consumers.
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R21AT Commercial Microwave Oven

1000W medium-duty microwave oven. Ideal for busy cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels.

MW1200 Commercial Microwave Oven


1200W professional microwave oven with touch controls. 11 power levels. Express defrost.

NE1027 Commercial Microwave Oven

1000W medium duty commercial microwave oven with dial controls.

NE1037 Commercial Microwave Oven

1000W medium duty commercial microwave oven with touch controls -10 presets. 3 power level.

R22AT Commercial Microwave Oven

1500W extrapower heavy-duty microwave oven with touch controls. Extra menu, defrost.

R24AT Commercial Microwave Oven

1900W heavy-duty microwave oven. Excellent choice for busy restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars.

R23AM Commercial Microwave Oven

1900W extra heavy-duty microwave oven. Manual controls with digital timer.

R1900M Commercial Microwave Oven


Extra power heavy duty microwave oven with touch controls.

R22ATCPS1A Commercial Microwave Oven

1500W extrapower heavy-duty microwave oven with cavity protection system.

R24ATCPS1A Commercial Microwave Oven

1900W extrapower heavy-duty microwave oven with unique cavity protection system and 11 power levels.

R23AMCPS1A Commercial Microwave Oven

1900W extrapower heavy-duty microwave oven with unique cavity protection system and 4 power levels.

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Commercial Microwaves - Buying Advice

Power Rating
Commercial microwaves are graded - light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty - to reflect the level of usage. Heavy-duty microwaves will cook/heat faster, but may not be suited to frequently cooking small food portions. Typical power ratings for commercial microwaves are 1000w, 1200w and 1900w. Choose the appropriate rating for your level of usage.

Oven Capacity
Our online microwave product profiles provide the internal capacity measurements to help you guage the size of each unit. Be sure to choose a size that will cater for the variety of food and containers you will use.

Build Quality
We only supply microwave equipment from the world's leading manufacturers such as Sharp, Panasonic and Sanyo. These are electrically safe, tested to international standards with durable parts that are capable of supporting continuous use. Beware of cheaper imports which are not CE certified and may pose a fire hazard to your business.

The advanced series of commercial microwaves provide a sophisticated array of features to automate settings for cooking/heating/defrosting a wide variety of food. These features will save you time, avoid overcooking and undercooking errors and enable you to provide safely cooked, quality hot food to your customers.

Cavity Protection Systems: These help protect the key parts of the microwave oven, improves the internal hygiene standards and make cleaning much easier with the removable lining.

Combination Microwave
A combination microwave is better suited to heating meat and pastry products.

Why Buy A Commercial Microwave Oven?
Our commercial microwaves are different to the cheaper domestic microwave ovens in that they are:

  • More powerful
  • Larger capacity than most
  • Cook, heat & defrost food faster & safely
  • Easy to clean on a daily basis
  • Quality parts (buttons, door etc) as well as the oven are built to withstand continuous use
  • Sophisticated features for cooking, re-heating and defrosting a wide variety of foods
  • A domestic microwave used in a busy cafe will slow you down, frustrate waiting customers and be more prone to damage from constant use. Commercial microwaves are much better suited and will save you time, money and inconvenience in the long run.

The above is a small selection from the vast range of commercial microwave ovens we have on offer. Our other microwaves from Sharp, Panasonic, Maestrowave, Merrychef, Amana, Samsung and Sanyo will appear in our online store shortly including standard and combination models.
Microwave Ovens