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Our commercial catering kettles range from 1.5 litre to 4 litre capacity and include the latest large kettles from Dualit and Vektra. Our heavy duty commercial kettles are designed for safe, fast & frequent use and they are ideal for cafes, restaurants, canteens and events to make teas, coffees and soups. They provided the benefit of a commercial-use warranty and solid industrial construction and components designed for frequent use.

Commercial Catering Kettles - Heavy duty large kettles from Dualit and Vektra for cafes, restaurants, canteens and events.

Whether you are boiling water for a few cups at a time or require boiling water quickly for upto 26 cups, we have a catering kettle to suit your requirements. Useful features to look for in large commercial catering kettles include neon indicator for on/off, safety boil dry function, limescale filter, cordless main unit, water level indicator / window and cool handle.

All our large commercial catering kettles have a stainless steel build.
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DJK Kettle

DJK Kettle

Stainless steel, cordless jug kettle with 1.5 litre capacity and safety features.

1.7L Classic Kettle

1.7L Classic Kettle

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Kettle Operating Tips:

Descaling a Kettle
All kettles will eventually suffer from limescale build up, particularly if you are based in a hard water area. Although safe, the limescale build up can be unsightly. If left untreated, limescale in the kettle can actually damage the heating element. Limescale in kettles will also affect its proper operation as it will cause the kettle to work less efficiently, using more energy and also taking longer to boil water.

As well as commercially available tablets, there are several simple remedies to effectively de-scale a kettle cost effectively:

WHITE VINEGER: Use a 50:50 proportion of water and white vinegar. Let the mixture sit in the kettle for about an hour at room temperature - do not boil it. Rinse out the kettle thoroughly several times.

LEMON JUICE: Cut the lemon into pieces and place in a kettle full of water. Boil the water. Leave the kettle standing for a while. Rinse out the kettle thoroughly several times. Repeat as necessary.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Kettles
Stains on stainless steel in commercial and industrial environments should be cleaned promptly to avoid them setting in, which would only make cleaning more difficult later. Use soapy warm water to clean your stainless steel catering kettle on a regular basis. Rinse well with warm water and then wipe with a dry cloth.