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We supply professional dishwashers and glass washers for commercial use in pubs, clubs, bars, canteens, cafes and restaurants. These warewashing machines will effectively clean your wares in a fraction of the time and with the advanced professional features such as water softening, booster pumps and rinse aid injectors, they will give you sparkling clean dishes and glasses again and again.

Laundry Equipment
Our commercial grade laundry equipment is suited for hotels, guest houses, b&b's, nursing homes, care homes, hospitals, hostels and large restaurants. We supply washing machines, tumble dryers and flatwork rotary ironing machines from Miele Professional, Electrolux and other leading brands.

We also supply specialist lab testing washing machines, including the Electrolux Wascator FOM71 CLS, and is available for worldwide delivery.

On-site Laundry Packages
If you are looking for a combined washing machine and dryer package, contact us for special pricing. Stackable machines are available.VOLUME ORDERS
We have extensive experience in supplying local authorities, hospitals and hotel chains with multiple appliances. We can provide a full project management service including site surveys, installation and ongoing service / maintenance contracts. Please contact us with your requirements.

Our buying advice will help you choose the best commercial dishwasher, glasswasher, washing machine and dryer for your particular requirements.

When looking at the capacity of your intended dishwasher, glass washer, washing machine or dryer take into the account your growth plans as well as busy periods through the year. Avoid buying too small a capacity which will only cause you to use it much more frequently or require manual washing assistance.

It can be a false economy to buy a smaller, cheaper machine only to increase your operating costs of electricity and cleaning chemicals consumption by using it more frequently. A more powerful, larger dishwasher/glasswasher washer/dryer may be a more efficient choice in such cases as it will let you wash more items in one cycle in less time. It wil also reduce your glass / dish / linen quantity requirements.

Check the dimensions of the machine carefully to ensure it will fit properly into your desired location, and take into account access to hot/cold water supply, power point and waste outlet. For vented dyers, allow for appropriate ducting type and size. Also consider where it will be best for staff to access it.

Power Requirements:
Check whether the machine uses standard 13 amp supply, Single Phase or 3 Phase, as you may require an electrician to connect the supply.

Commercial warewasher machines and washing machines / dryers are reasonably powerful and therefore can emit noise. Opt for a machine with double-skin casing to help keep noise levels low and this feature will also reduce heat loss. Alternatively, site the machine where noise will not impact customers.

Cleaning Results:
When choosing a glasswasher and/or dishwasher, look for features such a pre-rinse cycle, hot rinse and water filtration to obtain the best cleaning results and to reduce limescale build up. Also compare power rating and wash cycle duration - obviously the more powerful warewashing machines will provide better cleaning results.

Most washing machines have temperature controls and this feature is important to get the best cleaning results. If the temperature is too low, the dishwasher / glasswasher may not clean effectively. If it is too high, it may cause damage and also prevent the chemicals performing properly. Wherever possible, choose a machine with an integrated water softener as later problems that occur due to hard water may not be covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Service & Warranty:
All our machines (unless otherwise stated) are available with a manufacturers on-site warranty. Check the duration of the warranty as extensions are normally cheaper to purchase at the outset and if the machines will be critical to the running of your business.

Other Features:
Look for features such as self-diagnostics, automated self-cleaning, drain down and power saving. Look for stainless steel build for durability and corrosion resistance. These features will help prolong the life and enhance the performance of your glasswasher / dishwasher / washer / dryer.

A very useful feature is 'soft start' on the wash pump. This will help avoid damage to delicate items, such as glasses.

The above is a small selection from the vast range of commercial dishwashers, glass washers, washing machines, rotary irons and dryers we have on offer. We also supply equipment from Electrolux as well as the full commercial range from Miele Professional and Comenda Professional, Classeq and Blue Seal. Please call to check availability/pricing on any other glass washers, commercial dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers not listed above.

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