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CaterGiant offers high quality Roller Grill kebab machines, as either electric or gas-powered. These are professional build machines specifically for kebab shops selling chicken, beef and lamb doner kebabs and shawarma.

Whether you are a busy kebab take-away shop preparing hundreds of kebabs per day or a snack burger bar only cooking a few doner kebabs, we have a kebab grill to suit you. We offer small mini compact kebab machines to heavy-duty 5-burner kebab grill machines.

Please note: We only sell brand new equipment directly from the manufacturer with a full on-site Warranty. We do NOT buy or sell used, second-hand or refurbished commercial catering equipment.
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GR40E Electric Kebab Grill

GR40E Electric Kebab Grill

3-element electric kebab grill.

GR40 Gas Kebab Grill

GR40 Gas Kebab Grill

2 burner gas kebab grill. Capacity up to 30 kg of meat.

GR60E Electric Kebab Grill

GR60E Electric Kebab Grill

4-element electric kebab grill.

GR60 Gas Kebab Grill

GR60 Gas Kebab Grill

3 burner gas kebab grill. Capacity up to 40kg of meat.

GR80E Electric Kebab Grill

GR80E Electric Kebab Grill

5-element electric kebab grill.

GR80 Gas Kebab Grill

GR80 Gas Kebab Grill

4 burner gas kebab grill. Capacity up to 50 kg of meat.

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When choosing the right kebab machine for your restaurant or take-away food business, the following factors should be considered:

    1. Power Supply
    Choose either Electric or Gas. With gas, you can use either Natural Gas (NG) if you have mains gas supply or otherwise Bottled (LPG) gas. Most of our gas powered Roller Grill kebab grill machines are included with both a mains inlet and LPG conversion kit as standard.

    2. Single or Twin Units
    Most kebab shops sell both chicken and lamb doner kebabs so require either a twin unit or 2 single units. If you sell equal quantities of both kebabs, then it is more economical to purchase a twin unit.

    Otherwise, if you choose 2 separate units, you can choose when to switch on each one, thereby saving operating costs. By having 2 separate units, these can be located and spaced out more, allowing 2 staff to work at the same time during busy periods.

    If you are a very busy specialist kebab shop, you should consider whether to purchase an extra unit as a backup. That way if you ever experience an unexpected technical problem with your kebab machine, you can instantly switch to the backup machine without causing any disruption or loss to your business. Discounts are available for multiple units.

    3. Grill Size and Burners/Elements
    We offer from 2-burner compact size grills, standard 3-burner/element or 4-burner/element grills, to heavy-duty 5-burner/element kebab machines. Choose your required size and number of kebab burners/elements depending on how busy your kebab shop is and how large the cylinder of meat you intend to cook.


    On the gas powered equipment:

    The kebab machines require mains electricity supply (230v, 5A) that powers the revolving electric motor and LED light. A 15mm diamater gas supply - either from the mains or bottled LPG - is required for the burners.

    On the electric equipment:
    Please check the product specification. You will require an electrician to fit a 3-phase supply for the heavy-duty grill machines.

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